What makes me qualified to help you?

I’ve lived through what you’re going through. I’m not simply going to sit and listen to your past failures. I’ve been where you are right now. I didn’t always value myself. I didn’t always take care of myself physically and mentally, and I certainly wasn’t the type of woman that a quality man desired. But, after many years of failures and eventual success, I came to learn how to attract and keep quality. I made myself into a desirable woman.

I was the girl who used to settle. I was the girl who used to give her heart to a man without him earning it. I had a son at 19 and struggled as a single mother with no father figure in my son’s life. I certainly didn’t love or take care of myself. I was out of shape, and saw nothing beautiful in me.

“This was me before, I didn’t love or take care of myself. I saw nothing beautiful”

One day I had an epiphany, it wasn’t the men who was the problem, it was me and the choices that I made. I was choosing to be with them—offering myself to them before they had proven themselves to me. The epiphany was that I had a choice, and it was solely my choice.

I want you to become a woman of value, one who respects herself and is very comfortable in her own skin. I no longer want you to see yourself as less, and I no longer want you to attract guys who don’t deserve you. As selfish as it sounds you need to decide that you come first. You will always come first. No one will ever love you, take care of you, or see you with greater admiration than you will. The first thing we will be working on will be reinventing you. Seeing where you need work. Getting you to love yourself and understand you deserve a quality man.

My focus will be empowering you and helping you understand your value, as a woman, who can have anything.

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