“It’s not about money, it’s about quality.”

Hello! My name is Valeria Love! Welcome to my website! My focus is on helping single women find a quality guy! Quality is defined differently by each of us, but we all have an idea of who our own quality guy is. I don’t play games ladies, let’s get straight to the point! I have been coaching both men and woman for ten years. My motto is”never settle for less. ” I am a feminist (in a GOOD sense!), and my goal is to see every woman be successful and happy with the man of their choosing. Why? Because one day, I got sick and tired of seeing great women end up with losers. I got tired of my friends and co-workers always complaining about men. I got tired of hearing “Valeria, you’re so lucky” and “Valeria, how do you always find the good ones?” I’ll tell you how! It certainly wasn’t luck. I made the CHOICE to make myself into a woman who attracted HIGH quality men, who cared for me and my security. I am talking about finding a PARTNER that fits you!

Together we will sit down and go through your life story. Who are you? Who are the men you’ve dated? What are your goals in life, and what is your progress at achieving them? This necessary assessment will help me help you understand where you are failing. The good news is that I can relate! I wasn’t always ‘lucky’ as my friends have said, I once struggled, just like you. I didn’t always love myself or think I deserved better.

Finding the right partner can be a fun journey. Enjoy yourself, otherwise it will seem like work. Experience is the only way to truly understand what you like…and don’t like. Everyday we grow and learn more about ourselves, as women, and what we want in a man. Dating, different men is an essential part of the journey, but it’s also important to know how to spot the red flags and avoid the types that you don’t want in your life. That’s where I come in. I specialize in helping women, like you, find love.

I love my job, and it will be a fun and exciting experience for me to help you find and keep a quality guy. Some of us women are in such a hurry to be in a relationship that we have forgotten about quality. In order to avoid being alone we settle for someone who is available. I’ve been that girl. I was the woman who used to settle. I understand the fear and uncertainty of doubting that he is ‘the one’. I’ve dated some real bottom line losers, cheaters, abusive men—and have been through some really horrible breakups. Through it all, I have learned firsthand what works.

You deserve to find love, but in order to find a quality man, you need to become a quality gal. We need to reinvent you! You deserve to have a great partner in life, and that’s where I can help. As your coach, I’ve seen and been through it all. I have over 13 years experience in human relations and a lifetime of relationship experience. I will be your coach, cheerleader, and referee.

You deserve better. I look forward to hearing from you.

*5% of my profits are donated to shelters assisting women and child victims of domestic abuse.*

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